Collaborative Minds are a team inspired to create a success story.
We work with not for profit organisations, charities and government, with unique insight to the business needs and often complex challenges that the sector faces.

Project Management

Having the right project management can be a sustainable and cost-effective means to achieve your contract objectives. We can aid in the management of your socially focused project from strategy, planning and onto reporting to achieve desired project outcomes and minimise unproductive activities and unnecessary delays.


Collaboration is what drives engaging solutions for community. We co-design projects with organisations for the purpose of supporting communities to achieve better social outcomes through cross-sectoral partnerships and collaborations on a local and national developing robust, efficient and innovative ideas and connections.

Outcomes & Reporting

This service ensures that an organisations outcomes are communicated to key stakeholders. Our impact measurement process will develop an evaluation framework, co-design and implement a data collection plan, and can present results to the target audience, through multiple presentation platforms.

Graphic Design

We create visual communication solutions for both print and digital media. Our designers and illustrators are an innovative team inspired to design for purpose and achieve impact.


Setting your brand apart and creating visual identities that cut through the noise and express who you are. We design your complete brand identity with your logo and brand style guide, in order to develop a complete brand experience for your target audience through print material and digital platforms.


Photos that people connect with and share. We capture moments and produce imagery that will allow people to embrace your story.

Web Design & Digital

An effective and well designed website has the potential to create an impact. We have a consultative approach when working with our collaborators to create an online presence and provide a high quality online digital platform.


There is a story to be told from every life.
Create awareness of your story and a path for your audience to follow your journey with engaging content in print and online.